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Hey guys,


recently I bought 2012 Gibson Flying V 67 Reissue from a musician in a kind of popular local band and as paranoid guy I am, I would like to ask you guys if you think that the guitar is real Gibson, or a fake one.


Everything seems fine, it has the Gibson hardware, everything that can be changed is Gibson (pickups, pots, etc.). What threw me off was the serial number. As you can see (or you cant, it is creme colour so kinda hard to read), numbers and "Made in USA" seem not etched into the wood, but feel more like an embossed sticker that has been painted over. What I want to say that they are not inside the wood as a carving, but are coming from the wood upwards.


the number is 100920469 which should be 9th of january 2012 Gibson Nashville


link to images:



It really scared me and I cannot find any information about it. Is this usual for Gibson guitars, or have I been ripped off?


Thank you very much for answering.

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Hello Lucien, welcome to this nice place in the web! [thumbup]


Congrats on your Flying V, HNGD! Looks pretty! [love]


Serial number and MADE IN U.S.A./MADE IN USA/YYYY MODEL peghead embossments are quite difficult to read on my Gibson USA instruments with solid colours on them. Around the indentations the displaced wood is walled up a bit, making it seem there was something stuck to the surface, but this is not the case. When viewed against the light, it looks this way on all of my Gibbies including those with transparent or translucent finishes.


Into the bargain, the Government Series II Explorer shown as my avatar has blurred double peghead embossments. The worker who did it may have tried to be too careful with the delicate Explorer headstock, then seen that the upper half of the characters is practically invisible and tried again but obviously shifted the neck out of position, and this made it all worse. Anyway, it is just enough to verify the serial number, she plays and sounds great, and she has been one of three for Germany. She also had eighteen dull threads in the wood, and that was much more annoying for me. :unsure: Anyway, this doesn't prove it's a Gibson but perhaps that it was made in USA. :o Among my 19 US made guitars and basses some more Gibsons and my only MIA Fender also came with dull threads, and none of my 15 instruments from five other countries did have any.

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