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what is it and is it real?


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A friend of mine husband has died and I said I would help them to find that value of his guitars.


One is a Gibson, but knowing knowing al lot about electric guitars I'm not sure which model it is meant to be.


On reading some other forum topics I'm starting to doubt the authenticity of it, ther are some aspects of it that don't feel right. (Other than it being covering in Dust.)


I have attached a link to the flickr album where the pictures are. https://flic.kr/s/aHskLYn9yT


I would appreciate if anyone could tell me what model it is and if it is genuine or fake.


thanks in advance.

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Hello Grae, welcome to this board.


I'm sorry for your loss of a friend. My sincere condolences to you and your friends.


Unfortunately your doubts are justified. This guitar is not a Gibson for sure. Lots of giveaways tell that. Sad but true that I don't have better news for you.


Despite of that bad aftertaste I wish all the best to you and yours.

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Thank you for your opinion. Although I'm not sure how I will pass it on to my friend.


Do you know what model it's is a copy of? It would be nice to be able to tell her something about it other than, 'sorry it's not real'


I expect she will decide to keep it for sentimental value, as I'm assuming there is no resale value.

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I'm deeply sorry about the fact this is not a real Gibson. I didn't see the peghead front up to now, but the rest says it's an attempt to fake a Limited Edition Gibson ES-355 with gold-plated hardware and stopbar tailpiece. The original has mahogany neck and ebony fretboard what the knock-off has obviously not.


You may refer to these archived web offers:


http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ES55FMSAN (NOTE: They partly say Bigsby vibrato here although the guitar shown has a stopbar.)



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