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Got a new strap today and I had to share..........




Custom made by Longhorn Leathers. Beautiful work!


Duncan is great to work with. Very open to input and ideas. I saw one that I like on his page and added a few of my own details. Came out great!


Looks great with my DC Special.





Longhorn Leathers does straps for many people.......Lita Ford, Fabulous Thunder Birds, Gary Clark Jr., there is even one with Mike Campbell on the Mudcrutch album cover.


I will be treating myself to at least one more so I can set one up with LP style strap locks and one with SG style.


He's on facebook if anyone is interested.



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NSD part two!!!!



Another home run by Duncan at Longhorn Leathers LLC.........................



Since I bit the bullet and got my R8, I couldn't just hang it on any old strap.




Amazing quality of work, Great to work with as far as sharing ideas to make the strap come out how I wanted it yet tons of great input on the ideas/color, etc.........


and as soon as the locks were installed and it was mounted on the guitar, it felt like putting on an old pair of boots........so comfortable!



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It's over the top!


Literally, over that stunning flametop!


Really nice, matches perfectly.


And may be a bit off topic but I noticed that little gap between your pickguard and the neck PU's ring.

It's interesting because I have the same thing happening on my 14 Trad with the Historic plastic's.

Doesn't matter much because I decided that it looked better without anyway.

But still funny.

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The actual bursts from the 50's had that gap at the pickguard..........


I'm still waiting on a Dave Johnson/Truvintage guard, but in the meantime, I did a little creative trimming on a Gibson historic guard to get that look until the new one arrives.


No stones on the strap.....if you mean in the center of each metal piece, that is where the leather strip comes through to anchor them to the guitar.



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