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New amp! To me anyway. And Pignose amp, fixed.


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Picked up a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 amp yesterday, for the paltry sum of $150. Any problems I was having with the sound on my Epiphone Les Paul are all gone now. This amp made all of that history. I plugged in the LP, and bamm, instant tone monster. I am not sure why it didn't get along with my Pignose G40V, but no issues now.


This thing sounds VERY nice on the clean channel/models, and with the pedals I have, it is in a word, perfect. It has the exact loudness and tone quality I was searching for. Can't beat the price either.


I had my old Pignose G40V in consignment at the repair shop, and decided what the hell, I am going to keep it. On the way back from picking up the Vypyr, I picked it up from the shop, and also bought three new AX7's, since that is where the issues with the sound seemed to be. They didn't want to spend any more time working on it, even though the sound was a little weak and distorted. They wouldn't believe that it sounded SO much better before, and trying to get my point across was falling on deaf ears. (literally, lol!). Well, the three new 12 AX7's seemed to have worked wonders, as the tone seems to be back. They put in three used mismatched AX7's, because they said EVERY tube in it was bad, all at the same time? Huh? So I brought it home, plugged in the three new tubes, and it sounded pretty good again. Not 100% of the old sound, but a good 95%+ . Sooo, long story short, I have two great sounding tube amps. A 40, and a 60. [thumbup]


For the Vypyr, I am considering taking off the batman panel, hehe. It looks much more "vintage" and less cartoonish without it. In other words, it looks like it sounds! I may do this today. I will put the Peavey badge back on of course, in the original position.



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I just found the LP's happy place, hehe. Brit setting on the amp model, and a slightly hot Tube Screamer pedal. No OD on the amp. It was like, THIS is what my LP should sound like. Bar chord rhythms just fooling around, it sounds like all the songs I used to hear growing up in the 70's and early 80's. One big happy camper over here, hehe.


Found the reason too, for the bridge pickup not acting right, half volume, no sound at all, etc etc... I installed the new bridge tone and all was good. Installed the volume and all hell broke loose. Anyway, I wiggled the wire, and bamm, instant bridge sound. I guess the tiny white wire from the pickup was broken inside the insulation, near where the outer insulation was removed.? Clipped it off and started over, now solid as a rock.

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