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Double white pickups...

Tim Plains

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I hate 'em. Sorry' date=' I just had to get that off my chest...

Covered look fantastic, zebra & black look great, but I don't like the double whites.[/quote']


I like covered pupps.... But naked pupps are cool too.... I was never bothered that much by the color...

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I agree with Tim' date=' I dunno why everyone at MLP cums their pants over them on an hourly basis...[/quote']


Probably because in the old days the 'Full-cream' (or 'Double-whites') was the rarest bobbin configuration - so obviously to collectors the most desireable - for the PAFs for reasons that are well known.


A quick flick through "The Beauty of the 'Burst" shows a total of 4 uncovered 'Double-blacks'. Remember, these are by a very long way the most common configuration of PAF.


There are also 4 Zebra's - the second rarest type.


What of the rarest-of-all !!?? How many 'Double-whites' ???? Twenty-one.


Now, I'm not going to say this is all down to snobbery.


Actually, yes.


I am.

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Actually I believe cream coloured pups are patented by DiMarzio...no one else has permission to make them.


DiMarzio's own '59 has 'Full-cream' pups. I guess that's partly why his tend to be that way.


Interesting about the patent! I didn't know all 'Full-cream' coloured pups built nowadays were DiMarzios.


For those interested in the background to the thread and don't already know the history; according to Seth Lover, as transcripted by Yas Iwanade;


"...Sometime in 1958 Lover received a call from his vendor of plastic parts. They were claiming that the colouring material for the black plastic bobbins was in short supply. When asked, Lover approved the change of colour to the same cream colour as used for the pickup mounting ring. The bobbins were to be hidden underneath the cover so the colour difference did not matter. As Gibson started to take delivery in '59, the newer cream bobbins were mixed with leftover black bobbins creating 'Zebra' pickups. It seems that the non-adjustable side bobbin was delivered first, as we see the majority of Zebras that way. As the old batch of black bobbins got used up the pickups became 'Full-cream'. This configuration is also called 'Double-whites'. The production of the black bobbin was resumed in late 1960".

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