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Is this Les Paul real?

Tal Amiri

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The serial number you posted conforms to the serial formula Gibson was using in 2013 - the year the serial indicates it was issued. Whether the guitar is real or not is another story.


The eight digit serial number formula from the mid 70s that everyone knows is - YDDDYRRR - where YY is the two digit year, DDD is the day of the year and RRR is the production rank.


Gibson USA (Nashville guitars) went to 9 digit serials in July 2005 to accommodate their increased production. The sixth number is now a batch number- the batch number starts at 0 at the beginning of the day, and when 699 is reached, the batch number changes to 1 and the rank count starts over, allowing the batching to rank/count over 1000 guitars per day. The first 5 numbers and the last 3 numbers still represent the the same info. The only difference is the addition of the batch indicator "B" - YDDDYBRRR


In 2014 the serial numbers for most 2014-current Gibson USA models are different than the previous serial number schemes. The first 2 digits(14, 15, 16 and 17) indicate the model year with the rest showing the ranking number of the guitar over the entire year’s production." YYRRRRRRR




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