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G-Force issues


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Hi Guys,


I have a Gibson Les Paul Junior from 2014-15 and it never seemed to sound right on the G string.


I took it back to the shop and the guy tuned it manually and said I am being silly and sent me away.


I have since realised that it is fact because the G tunes sharp ever so slightly so once the G force has done its thing, I then need to manually adjust it.


Any ideas on how to remedy this as I am now out of warranty?



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there is a section in the forum just before this one that is for the "tech" guitars..


robot's, G force, Mini tune.. etc.







I seem to remember reading in that section that a number of guys have a problem with the G force tuning sharp.. might want to look through that section.


from my limited persona experience (limited should be in bold and capitals) is that LP guitars have a tendency to have the G string sharp when depressed


that comes from fretting the string all the way down to the fret board.


but that is a different side issue.




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