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J200 vs D28 honest opinions please.

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Wasn't that Gibson's attempt to copy a D-28? I also loved my all Hog Martin D-15M. At the price Martin is selling it is a steal. I had a J-15 for a short while and people rave about it. The two are about the same price and Martin's quality at that price is 10 fold nicer.

j50 is a j45 with a plain top insead of the burst. But they made them with slim necks in the 70s. As for Martins quality, i just had a omcpa4 and dcpa4, my 1200 dollar Taylor crushes both in sound to my ears. Have to say, im not a big fan of Martin cutaways, the ones i tried were not very good. Their Dreads are nice tho, i love the d18 and the d16rgt that i had. Those live up to the martin name, a lot of the x series just played and sounded awful compared to Taylors in the same range. i dont agree the name alone makes it, a lot of the martins should be some budget name instead if you ask me.


But, i did like the d28, just couldnt find a hd to compare it too. The j15 is a midrange monster, i loved the sound, just not the fretsize.

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I own a '58 D28 and a 2011 J200. For so many reasons, the D28 is the keeper. But it's a ludicrous comparison to make. However, in terms of new guitars, I've been most impressed with the HD-28. Had I not been in the mood for a Gibson at the time, I would've bought the HD28 in 2012. But I grabbed a beautiful J200. It is quieter than I expected. However, when used with the pickup (Fishman Aura Ellipse) it records well and sounds quite nice. Its size for me is too big to enjoy for more than short periods. I've learned the hard way I prefer little guitars.


My advice is to listen to your heart. The one you connect with is the right one. The J200 likes new strings, even coated strings. It needs them in order to shine. If you prefer the thump, you can let them get older.


Only you know what you listen for and only you know how you will use it. I didn't feel like the videos gave me a winner or loser. A different day likely different results.


Let us know how you do!

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You might recall I did this 'fresh string shoot out vid' a year ago which was quite popular here.


Might be a good time to share it again as its a good comparisement between the Martin (J-40, last guitar) and the J-150 (first guitar) which is a J-200 without the neck / binding.

There is also a the Hummingbird TV, Southern Jumbo and a Furch OM in between the two.


They all have fresh strings and are recorded with the same equipment, right after each other.


The general consensus on here and on the AGF was that the J-150 and the Martin J-40 were the strongest sounding guitar, and I tend to concur with this ... at least in this video.


Although overall I thought the J-150 was the strongest overall across strumming and with fingers. It is the great allrounder.





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