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Have an '09+ Historic w/straplocks? Have your old strap button screws?


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... I'll give you $50 for them. I'm in desperate need of one (or a pair) of the stock strap button screws, and they are impossible to find. I have searched hardware stores, online screw retailers, WD parts, etc. and have contacted Gibson. Gibson customer service says they are a proprietary screw and they don't sell them separately, and that since I'm in Canada they can't do anything for me (!?). They told me to contact their Canadian supplier, which I did, and they have also been no help so far. It is a #8x1.5" nickel plated brass screw w/a 13 TPI count. Every #8x1.5" wood screw I have seen is 15 TPI and finer threads, including those supplied with aftermarket modded strap lock buttons. I really don't want to use one of these, as the different thread pattern and pitch will sacrifice the integrity of the hole, since it's cutting new threads in a hole with thread cuts already. I also don't want to plug the hole w/toothpicks, dowel, or anything as it has never seemed to hold up for me in the past. I know lots of people do it,but this guitar is very expensive and I just want to use the right part. Am I being anal? Maybe. But this guitar was extremely expensive for me and I want to keep everything right and proper.


So yeah... $50 to someone that can throw one or two of these in a little envelope and mail them to me. Way more than a screw or two is worth, but easily worth it to relieve my headache. Send me a PM.


Thank you!

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