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Johnny A

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I wanted one of these for years. Finally was able to get one. Sweet guitar! And beautiful.


It's the only axe I have with the 57 Classic humbuckers and in this guitar they sound great. A few seem to dislike them in solidbodies, but many love them in semihollows. I wonder if there isn't some deliberate variance in the manufacture, because I'm seeing widely disparate opinions on their character. It might simply be that they're very true to the innate tone of the wood they're installed in. I have a pair of Tom Holmes that are like that- in one guitar they sounded thin and almost metallic, and in another they are just luscious and breathtakingly detailed. I believe the 57 Classics may also be more sensitive than most to small adjustments; that can make a huge difference and I think many (myself included, sometimes)can tend to underestimate a pickup before careful attention & tweaking has a chance to bring out its best.


This is also my only true hollowbody guitar, though I think it probably behaves quite differently from conventional ones because the top and back are coupled under the bridge posts. I don't play high gain on huge stages anymore so I don't need to worry about unruly behavior at high volume. But my impression is, the Johnny A would probably perform better under those conditions than traditional full-hollowbody designs. As it was intended to.

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