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Forest fire in Gatlinburg , Tn. & Pigeon Forge


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Thoughts to all of you affected, either directly or indirectly.


We are just coming into our fire season and having been forced out 3 times over the years we know what it's like, and it is bloody awful!


We've had a wet spring so it's very green here still though a hot week can turn that around.


Good luck to all and get out early, property isn't worth your life!

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They've confirmed a fourth fatality this morning.

There are at least 3 unaccounted for and 14 others in hospital.

I think they flew a couple of them to the burn unit at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville.

250 buildings gone and 15,000 acres scorched.


I haven't been up there in ages but it is one of my very favorite places. I have a lot of memories of camping and hiking part of the A.T.


The drought and gale force winds turned it into an inferno. It's really fortunate that either town is still there and more weren't killed.

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Yeah, feel for those involved in these buggers.


First bushfire I got caught was in 1969 (Lara bushfires) when I was 17. Saw saw my first death. Not at all pleasant seeing two burnt fellas shoved into a truck loaded with ice. They didn't bother about the third guy as he was gone.


Been a few other fires since then of course the last major one being Canberra in 2003. Lost a few people I knew including a head of a crew of a fire truck which was wiped out as a consequence of being engulfed in a fireball.


I can only hope the causalities are kept to a minimum and those who are injured heal. That in itself will be a long haul although the emotional and physical scars may never go away.

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