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2001 lp special


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I was just looking for some info about one of my guitars. I have a black lp special that I think is a 2001 model, I'll have to double check the #'s. I was just wondering about the value of it. My wife bought it for me new as a gift from musicians friend but the finish on it is not that great. You can see a difference in the wood under the paint. Almost as if the surface was not level all the way across. Does anyone know if Gibson will do anything about this since it has been this way since I first got it. I know I should have done something about it then but I always put it off. I'll post pics later if anybody would like to see it. Should I just leave it alone so that it stays all original? Also when she bought the special they were selling for like $900.00 new and I think that they are cheaper now but any info on the history of the special from 2000 up would be helpful. Thanks!

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