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So we are at a caravan park in the far east of the state at a lovely place called Mallacoota. Our van is left here and we come down as often as we can. Its only about 3 hours drive from home and not far from tha NSW border.


We love it here because the place is absolutely pristine!


I managed to get the boat out yesterday as conditions were calm wheras predictions are for a windy week. Took my friend "Waggs" out with me, first time we'd been fishing together. Apart from having trouble driving off the ramp due to a thick sand build up, the launch went well and we were soon out fishing. At my "secret" spot it was quiet and after an hour we had only had a few bites.

Then my rod took on a steep bend and I grabbed it and hung on! The next few minutes were pure adreniline and lots of fun. Considering I was fishing light gear I took my time and was careful with drag. I was pretty sure that I was connected to a decent Black Bream and when I finally saw the silver flashes of its side I knew I was right! Relieved when I finally led him into my landing ner and his bluenose told me he was an older fish.


Things were quiet for a while so we moved a couple of times and headed up to a second lake and into a river mouth where I'd caught good fish before. After a few passes over the sweet spot I came up solid on what appeared to be a snag but it gave a bit and I was slowly mending line, snag? No it wriggled...bloody big fish then! My dreams of a monster were soon gone as the bony ridges in its mouth wore through my light line.....ping and she was gone! Its always a balance with leader material light line gets bites, heavier line doesnt!


Soon Waggsy had a nice flathead in the net and at least we were even.


Wind was up so we bashed our way back to the ramp and retrieved the boat, the sandy ramp having firmed up with a retreating tide.

Lots of fun chatting when our other friends arrived and the more chatting and drinking at the local pub for tea. All repeated at the same but with the addition of good music thanks to Pandora and Mr Bluetooth!


This morning this fella was in a nearby tree just to say G'day!



There are mobs of Roos bounding through the camp, then quitly grazing.


Aint life tough?

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That Lace Goanna was probably just nosing around for a snack and a manicure.



He could certainly have done with a manicure!


My mate Dave yelled out to turn around and there he was sneaking up behind me!


At first I thought it was a great photo op, up until he was 3 or 4 feet away, then he was TOO BLOODY CLOSE!


I chucked a bit of my lunch behind him as he started a turn to get it and then I used the butt of my rod to urge him heading in the opposite direction, and off the jetty. There wasnt room for both of of us there!


Its quicker to get there by boat than road so we mostly do that nowadays. Be heading back in the next few days as there is a very big fish in residence and I need to hook him on heavier gear!!

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