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Post Your Old Band or Old Self Pictures (revisited)


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Hello all. I joined the forum in about 2008 or so, but I am no longer an active posting member. I just wanted to pop in and look around and say Hi.

The place still has great conversations and ideas and opinions. [thumbup].

And this, well this is just a fun post to give you a break from the serious Gibson business. And yes you need bone pins, bone saddles and the best of the best strings. [smile]


I recalled a thread started in 2011 "Post your Old Band picture or your Old Self picture ".

The responses on the thread showed us a time when we were young, played the music, and our creativity seemed boundless. And of course, our fashion sense was unequaled....we thought. [cool] How wonderful to see faces of people that were feeling pretty confident and cool and bewildered and happy about their music, and just having fun.


Great to see the promising Gibson Forum stars, from as early as 1953 through the 60's,70's,80's, 90's, 2000's. Some brooding rebels course, but most showed the faces of happy music makers.


I hope many of the past and recent members will get a kick out of it, and I encourage the revival of a similar thread if you so desire.


Best wishes and greetings to all. 'Get your ya ya's out'



These were the two posts, from the Gibson and Epiphone forums.

Gibson forum post:



Epiphone forum post:


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The oldest photo I could find.......sometime in the mid-80s at an outdoor night gig. Three piece band, Lefty & the Rights.......a bit of the name visible on the kick drum head. I'm on the Les Paul Goldtop, a '57 reissue thing, plugged into an old brown Fender Concert amp (visible behind the bass player) with a Mesa Boogie Revolver leslie to the left. What a sound that thing could produce! The Gretsch 6120 waits it's turn.........



Cool thread!


Hard to beat the sound of a Hammond B3 driving a Leslie, but I bet it was pretty cool with your Goldtop as well. Somehow, the electronic imitations of the Leslie never quite match that hair-raising effect of the real thing. It's certainly a signature sound of the late 1960's. Think of TJ and the Shondells, the Rascals, the Band, BS&T, and on and on and on....

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Ha.These are all great.

I think Sal went on to marry Pinky Tuscadero.

A brooding presence from the Wee man...I bet he played a few Who covers.

BK's gig looks scary.Like the Stones at Altamont.Glad he made it out alive...there would be a lot of acoustic guitar dealers much the poorer otherwise.

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Made it out of that gig thanks, FB. Next gig at a bar was close to not leaving intact, with a guy picking up a table and throwing it through the mirror at the bar, before he tore the place to bits as the bouncer had a coffee out in the kitchen....



Photo below is a digital photo I just took of a real photo (scanner is long defunct!), of what I had no idea about at the time, was my last solo gig at a blues dive, can't remember the name, and last gig ever, so far - see why I wear shades normally?








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Wee - awesome picture. And Don Carlos - thanks for this thread. I love these.


Here is my band and posse circa 1986. I am top left, and my drummer is top right.... Yes I am wearing parachute pants.




And here is our "band poster" picture:




whoa, that brings back memories. probably a couple of years before me but stone and acid wash jeans and muscle shirts - oh yeah those were the days! [laugh]

...and your drummer could have been my twin at 17 or 18. [blink]

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The Pacesetters (not to be confused with Gary and the Pacemakers) from Shreveport, Louisiana circa 1966. I'm on the left wearing the cap. Howard (the guy crouching on the right) later switched out his Strat for a Fender bass.




Wow I just marvel at what those guitars and that super reverb amp would be worth today? What guitar are you holding and what is that amp behind you, if you remember?

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