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What the latest song you've been playing on your guitar?

Mr. Gibson

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I decided to start learning this song because;

It's local.

I have that accent (White boy South London/patios) - and for a quick second I got paranoid about my accent sounding goofy, I ran to the one song I'd heard this accent go mainstream outside of maybe The Madness, but, Guns Of Brixton, I like this song, it's local, I have that accent, I decided to learn it.



I'm going to focus on the lyrics and the guitar (slide pretty much), and just remember that bassline in my head.


- Now I know how I want to go forward.

Or just record a bassline and then play along to that and record the guitar part.

Either way, watching myself helps me see what I do in general so I can work out what I want to do vs. what I do and work out what not to do too.

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Having watched the interview with Bernie Marsden posted by Ian Henry I've been trying, subsequently, to unlearn/delete/overwrite 40 years' worth of muscle memory and play an upward-bent B-flat instead of a B in the appropriate places in the oft-repeated opening-riff for Peter Green's "Oh Well Pt.1"......and it's not been as straightforward as I would have liked!





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On the bass mind you;


April Wine - Sign of the Gypsy Queen

Loverboy - Turn Me Loose

Dio - Holy Diver

Mamas and the Papas - California Dreaming

SRV & DT - Crossfire

Neil Young - Heart of Gold

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Just for a laugh tonight I've been playing through a bunch of songs composed by different artists but with something in common - namely they were all played by one particular guitarist but when he was with different bands.

In chronological order of the guitarist's album release followed by the name of the original composer/performer;


"Smokestack Lightning " - Howlin' Wolf.

"Hideaway" - Freddy King.

"Cross Road Blues" - Robert Johnson.

"Can't Find My Way Home" - Steve Winwood.

"Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out" - Jimmie Cox.

"After Midnight" - J.J. Cale.


This lot also gave me an excuse (if such were needed) to go from a Tele to a Les Paul to a Strat. and even my newly-repaired 38-y-old and super-sweet Kiso Suzuki KW-150 ('Martin D-35' wannabe) got to stretch her vocal chords...

No prizes for guessing the guitarist in question!.......msp_laugh.gif.......



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