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What the latest song you've been playing on your guitar?

Mr. Gibson

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It's a fun lead guitar piece. Good luck with it, Retired!

BTW, I've seen Carlos twice in Vancouver, BC. Great show!





I love Santana, The wife was telling me that most of his playing on stage, he was so high and played so great that after he sobered up he had to play the recording to see what he did. Ha ha, msp_flapper.gif I looked up on Guitar tricks to see if Black Magic Woman was listed so I could learn it but its not listed. I didn't have time to play anything today, Maybe tomorrow.

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I don't know?

Didn't think I could ever come up with a song on my own? I was playing around and came up with this catchy tune and kept adding to it up and down the frets.

Just an idea I got from watching Queen with the wife last weekend as she really wanted to see it. So started off with a beat and kept going with it. Now for Creating some lyrics and a name? msp_flapper.gif

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Getting the melody absolutely right on "Song For My Father" by Horace Silver....

With assistance of New Real Bk 2 chart and slow down and loop pgm. Quite hard to play on gtr.


Yes. I struggled with this one, too.


I often just pick up the Real Book and go down the table of contents until I find a song I want to learn. The great things about that book (and jazz) is that it's great for practicing sight reading notation, it gives the main melodies (heads) and basic chord changes, and encourages improvisation, which to me, is the real creative aspect of playing. I don't improvise that well, but it's what holds my interest in playing and most effectively helps me improve.

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Born on the bayou


Yeah, I love that song.

Been playing variations of that for some time now.

Fogerty's initial discovery of the E7 main chord actually started as a lose jam at a gig.

When CCR went to record it, Fogerty switched from Rickenbacker to a Gibson ES-175 (right in my wheelhouse).


Here's the story behind the song. It's a great article.



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We had a band practice yesterday afternoon, just to work on some new songs, and to fool around with some fresh ideas.


Had fun with the James Gang song, "Walk Away".


I killed it on my Gibson Les Paul Faded.

Such sustain for a weight relieved guitar.

I loved how it sounded!


Our girl singer channeled her best Joe Walsh, our harmonies behind her were really good, and all was fantastic.

We are definitely adding that song to our set lists.




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