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What the latest song you've been playing on your guitar?

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On 4/17/2020 at 2:53 PM, mihcmac said:

I did the same thing a little while ago with extra heavy Roland cables and found they eliminated some of the noise issues I was having. 👍

I have found that the thick Roland cables almost can't get tangled and force going into a coil.

My old ones were Monster cables. They worked for a long time but were having lots of issues for years, Deb ordered some coil cables that I didn't think would work but they are heavy cable and have gold ends. Haha, Yeah, whatever their called? So I ordered some Red Dragons and both work great. Used to not be able to sit close to the amp because I got feedback so bad on my Casino. Now I can sit next to it and play with settings. First time I got all the functions on my amp now. Yeah, I threw the old ones away. 

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Don't stop believin' 

I know I don't like Journey either but I am learning songs for an Alzheimer's benefit concert hopefully to be held August 1st and our drummer's wife really wants us to play this song. Neal Schon ain't no slouch. Gonna be a tough song to pull off I think but should be really great if we do.

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Played acoustic guitar with neighbours tonight while a social distance away....clap for NHS every Thursday at 8p.m, then "Over The Rainbow"  and then  "Summertime" which they played very slowly.  Should have done "We'll Meet Again" too.   "Over The Rainbow" got avant-garde with car horns, people beating pots and pans and kids on various noisemakers...

👍  🌍

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