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What the latest song you've been playing on your guitar?

Mr. Gibson

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Lately I've been hooked on playing along with John Mayall's Turning Point album with guitar and bass. Love that album!


I'm enjoying playing and improvising Dizzy Gillespie's A Night in Tunisia and Pat Metheny's Bright Size Life. Having a hard time making improvisations sound good on those two, but I'm getting better with them.

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I fooled around for about a half hour last night with a quirky jazz-bluesy original idea in Dm.


I want to lay down a vaguely boosted rhythm track with the Sully Erna Les Paul, and then roll in with some lead guitar meandering using the Stratocaster in the neck-middle switch position, and volume and tones set to 5-ish.


I have the first few lead guitar lines (see below) worked out, but I haven't decided if this will be the correct notations for the subtle hammer-on, tremolo, or sustain phrasing that I am feeling.

I got lazy last night, go figure.


But I have learned this one thing;

If you get a good idea, either record it or write it down.

Because otherwise, the next day, it'll be gone.




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Just joined a new band, Country and Bluegrass, which I never dreamed I’d be playing but I’m really enjoying it. Working on a bunch of new tunes such as Gentle On My Mind, Wagon Wheel, Ghost Riders in the Sky, Those Memories of You, Burning Ring of Fire, Mississippi Woman...etc Then were adapting some classics to Bluegrass like: Born to Be Wild, Sweet Child of Mine, Bad Moon rising. I’m then singer and this stuff really suits my voice... Who knew???

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