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Knobs on an SG


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I was thinking of upgrading the plain black knobs for the silver center Gibson knobs that say volume and tone on them. StewMac is listing 2 different knurled knobs one is for CTS and the other is for Alpha. Does anyone know what the SG's have? Was also thinking of pointers also.



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The bell reflector top hat knobs that came on Gibsons of mine were fine knurled and the pots are CTS. Anyway, I sorted them all out and replaced them with black speed knobs for better grip and ease of use. Tastes and attitudes can be different! [biggrin]



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I would highly suspect you have CTS pots in your SG. Gibson has been using CTS potentiometers since the invention of the electric guitar.


To confirm:

Take the cover off the control cavity and look for the manufacturer/date code on the back of the pots. This number often gets obscured by the ground wire solder, but you have four chances. If the number starts with "137" they are made by CTS.


I am not familiar with "Alpha" pots, nor can I find a manufacturers code for them. This would lead me to believe they are Asian in origin, and maybe what's used in the Epi versions. So... what Stew-Mac is really asking (while trying to be politically correct) is whether your guitar is American or Asian.


Same with the pointers, I believe there are also two versions (or should be).

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yea be careful here, I'm not a "Sky is falling" kinda a guy but I had some problems w/my SG Special where I yanked the shaft out of the pot. I was able to snap it back in but that FREAKED me out!



anyway, there's a technique where you wrap cotton from a t shirt around the knob, then pull it up (I even think I saw a youtube vid illustrating this)


do some you tube searches,, you'll probably find a few different methods.

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