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Yeah, funny how relationships can work or not in that age group.


My 3rd college (the one I was convinced to drop out of to be a full-time newspaper editor-writer) I had no car and little cash. No interest. When I started working at the newspaper and played in a college rock band, I brought my car out of storage at my parents' and viola, miracle of miracles, suddenly the young ladies were significantly more friendly.


But since I also was in a rock band that played a gig every now and then at a large local venue, I again became somewhat unpopular. I did the vocals on Dylan's "Positively Fourth Street" and dedicated it to all the girls on campus. Needless to say, I never dated one after that. <grin> Actually before that, too, although I could have in the period between having car and cash and the music gig.


My little sis was in the dorm with most of the girls and said I didn't need to be so nasty. But she said she understood, and that's likely why we still get along quite well regardless of advancing age.


So all I can say is hang out with friends, and recognize that there are times when even that may be under question. In my line of work it's definitely in question.



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