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Battle of the hygrometers

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I read some comments that any hygometer should be digital rather than analog, at least for the cheaper kind. For a few years I have been using the analog hygometer that was part of a 3-part combo with a thermometer and a barometer. The thermometer reads the same as another thermometer I have so I assumed ...assumed that is ... that all three instruments were right.


However today I bought a hygometer. My old analog hygometer says the interior humidity is a nice 45 percent, arguably the best for an acoustic.


HOWEVER the new guy on the block says my humidity is about 31 percent, actually dropping as low as 28!


Could they both be wrong? I've never adjusted my analog unit. Anyway I'm now going to be using my room humidifer much more to try to get the reading up to 40 or so.


I wonder if that barometer is equally wrong. I have never had the need to use it. My apartment takes very few nautical trips.

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This is the brand I use. Model 4088 or 4096 hygrometer. Specs sound impressive, but I don't know how it compares with others. At least it has some nominal certification. It just hangs on the wall in my office/music room.







We live in Florida, so we don't have real extremes of either temperature or humidity. Climate control is on full time about nine months per year. Humidity can run fairly high if the AC isn't kicking in fairly regularly, but rarely dips below about 45%. Inside humidity is higher in winter, when the windows are open a fair amount of time. It got up to about 65-70% for a few days last week. Now indicates 58%, which is ok. Guitars start to get a bit dull-sounding above 60%. They sing at about 45%.

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I have a "Taylor Guitar" wall mount Hygrometer, I got from sweetwater. I think it is accurate because the reading on my Humidifier always matches the Hygrometer reading within a percentage point.


Who knows though, Ignorance is bliss, It may actually be 32% when both read 44%. But a mans gotta trust somebody. I go to bed at night thinking in my head that all is well in the guitar bunker. with the exception of a few ghosts and some broken dreams. But that is another story. HA.

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