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Got home last Friday and this was waiting on me at the house. My girlfriend surprised me with a new piece to add to the collection. This is my first SG and even at an entry level-ish model this thing is pretty awesome. No complaints with the build that I've been able to find and I run through these things with a meticulous eye. The sound and playability (which is more important anyway) is right on. I played it about 10-12 hours between Friday and Sunday and I'm digging the sound and feel, especially with a slide.


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She's a keeper!!!

Without a doubt, and no, I ain't speaking about the guitar.


What a nice gift.


The SG is pretty hot to especially the price, you get lot of guitar for your (your GF's) cash.


If you copy the IMG link you see on the right you get this:




Congratz, for Girl & Git!

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Congrats on your girl and your new SG as well, HNGD! [thumbup] Looks nice! [love]


Just a note on the rubber pad of your guitar stand: It might affect Gibson and other nitro finishes. Best thing to avoid that is covering the rubber with a heavy layer of white cotton.

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