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Dave's fret fix (no more dirty divots)


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Looks really nice - that said if you ever decide to try this again you might want to get the solder from a jeweler supply store and get true artist grade silver solder. It can be obtained in three hardness levels soft, medium and hard and the amount of heat needed to melt it is different for each one. It's harder to apply medium and hard because of the heat requirements but when finished it's actually a bit harder than any other solder. Lead is a toxic substance true but to fear it is unreasonable, it's not gonna kill you if you touch it. Just like so many things it got a bad name when it used to be delivered to all of us in huge amounts through water pipes paint and almost everything else we made. I work as a jewelery artist every day and use lead on a very common bases several times a week to press molds and other things in presses, I don't breath the fumes if I can help it and I don't eat it, but that's about it for safety precautions. After a day of handling it in the presses my hands are black from the lead and I have be been doing this for three + decades now. Medical exams and tests in physicals show no lead above average in my system at all, in fact it's lower than average because I live in a pretty new area and our water supply is fairly new.


Back to your job that looks fantastic Dave, amazing job, I hope it works as good as it looks.


Thanks for the tip on the jewelers silversolder... I'll use that on my other guitars... So far what I used is working well but a few days of playing will tell. I am seeing some slight indentations coming back but nothing like it was...

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