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Neil Young appreciation thread

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Despite the fact I've studied and listened to many styles of music over the years, from classical and jazz to metal and bluegrass, I always find myself coming back to Neil's records. I first discovered his music in the year 2000 when I was 16 years old having seen the well known BBC concert version of Heart of Gold and was hooked from then on. Over the years I bought every record he ever put out (yes, even Trans and Everybody's Rockin' which I find equally as enjoyable as his more well known albums). For me, On the Beach and Zuma are probably my favourites, but I also love his later classics such as Chrome Dreams II and Le Noise.


So, I felt he deserved a thread to say 'thanks Neil for all the great albums and songs' by probably my favourite artist of all time [thumbup]


Here's a rare version of Southern Pacific originally from Re-Ac-Tor.




and a super rare acoustic version of LA from Time Fades Away


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NY my all time etc..etc...etc....

Check out his live concert Massey Theater, The early works with Crazy Horse in " Year of the Horse " and " WELD " lice dvd concert and you will fall into the realms of Neil....


Check out the country laden album/cd " Stars and Bars " I like ZUMA as well. Ragged Glory.....man I can go on here. Anyways something to start you off with. Glad I am not the only NY fan here.


This one is a classic why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7HiSB9Nc0o




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A fair idea for a thread. Young has been up on these pages pretty frequently over years. For more than 1 reason.

Such a fine acoustic player and singersongwriter and and and and plus plus plus, , , , most of us know how the list continues.


He had his sunburst J-200 for ages. Guess since plus/minus 1970 - I heard it live as early as 1975.

But only recently did I read that he brings a secret 1950's J-50 with him on the road for the hotel-rooms.

Bet this guitar is something we'ld like to see and hear here.


I could speak for hours about Young and have delivered the story about when I met him as a fan more than once. Will spare you this time.


Times Fades Away* is a highly interesting album from the so called ditch-trilogy (the 2 others are On The Beach and Tonight's The Night).

I like them all and one of my overall favorites is Ambulance Blues from Beach.

So why not take that hippie low-furniture oldie in the re-mastered version now -


1973 ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4zAZuB6jBk


, , , and then continue with a tune from one of his deepest lows - the mid-80 where he almost went under, , , as a recording artist anyway.


1986 ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djxTc7NCTk0


Actually still like this techno-monster (haven't heard it for 20 years or something) - but definitely prefer the other real Neil.


And Sir, , , long may you promise to run





*the artist himself find this record nervous and can't really cope with it

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Keep adding lads! Didn't realized we have so many NY fans here.

I grew up where he went to school back in Winnipeg, Manitoba - Canada.

My high school ( St. John's High ) was always having tournaments where he used to go to ( Kelvin High ) , Although the Guess Who singer did go to my high school ( Burton Cummings )There was always a musical fanfare where they held concerts and charity events.


Seen Neil countless times over the years. Last one was with the Promise of the Real ( Willy Nelson's sons band )


He is a true Canadian icon, though he still resides in his California Ranch with old Chevy's all line up half buried as a driveway to his digs...


A very unique person that's doesn't believe/like commercialism.




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Seen Neil countless times over the years. Last one was with the Promise of the Real ( Willy Nelson's sons band )




They are really good.

Sad to say I haven't seen them, , , yet.

They bring N.Y. safe back to quintessential mother-territory. And he likes it there. .




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Nothing can replace CRAZY HORSE imho!! They are ONE !!!


Of course I dig them as well.

The things that the Horse isn't just 1 creature. There are many or has been a whole span of horses over the years.


Yes, they have a general trademark, but they tried so many nuances through the 5 decades spent together.

What happened in the later phase was that Young wanted to make them play as simplistic as possible so he could stick out from a neutral basis.

Almost like the brush-strokes on a mono-chrome canvas. This worked good'n'strong and only a set of cartboard-ears would mistake them for a plain bar-band. But they were rustic no doubt.


Ever listened to their own LP's ? , , , again something different. .


The new band re-introduces the detail, subtle nuance and shimmer from the golden era and they really know what they're doin.

This brings a finer classic touch - and the White Falcon - forward in Neil as well.

A thing I personally longed to hear, , , not least live. Also though I saw a semi electric gig with full line-up not that far back.

(The incarnation w. B. Keith, Rick Rosas and Anthony Crawford).



cody's 2 clips in post 1 btw are splendid ^ glad to hear them

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I always loved NY, even through my rock, blues, etc years. Acoustic and vocal!


I will go through some of the attached videos with interest when I have a minute or two. I have the Rymill live concert - sensational sound repro as well as a little bit of talent.


I would have thought of NY with Martin Acoustics, D45, D18, D28 long before any Gibson acoustics though.




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We can't talk 'bout Young and Crazy Horse without zooming in on this jewel.

Most of you remember it, , , some of you in other versions with more commercial artists.

But here it is in its original beauty and soul.

Written by guitarist Danny Written (to the left).

Though its too sad for X-mas you can look the story about him up if information is needed.


1972 ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR3Al4hPKYs


Don't think it has been played here before. Glad to be the one who fixed that. .

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Just came home from a gig, and I'm trying to get to sleep... anyways, we of course got to play Old Man, but one guy made the request that we play Powderfinger. Mike and I never played it. We knew it by heart though, from our younger days. And yeah we played it and remembered every chord and word.


Edited... ok now I am up. I wanted to add that Neil Young was a major part of my musical life growing up. My high school band played Like a Hurricane. I wore out Rust Never Sleeps on my turntable. The one note guitar solo in Cinnamon Girl fascinated me, and to me it just meant "confidence" and "self assurance". I loved it. After all I was a pimply teen without those attributes.... who wanted to appeal to girls in the worst way. Think about it... you have to have serious balls and machismo to play a one note solo like that... anyways, it's funny how the mind not only remembers events, but also feelings and auras.


And yes... someone please start a NY cover thread... I'd love to watch thirty of yours.

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To this day I still think Neil Young in Brisbane in 1989 touring the Freedom album is probably the best concert I've been to. A long acoustic set and then even longer overdrive drenched electric set with stuff like Cocaine Eyes and Rockin in the Free World just as heavy as. One of my favourite performers and I too have attended to vocal duties on Powderfinger and Like a Hurricane at gigs (maybe others too). One of the greats for sure.


Maybe worth starting a thread for members performing their choice of NY covers - after all, If you play a guitar and are of a certain age you've probably all got a favourite to perform for our entertainment. [thumbup]

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Out On The Weekend, Harvest, Heart Of Gold, Needle and the damage done, old man, old laughing lady, harvest moon, from hank to hendrix....and on and on....all get a regular blast from my D18, J45 or D35. He truly is a trailblazer who does things his way. Anyone interested should check out the biography Shakey..its fantastic

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Wow! Thanks everyone for all the great replies; I was hoping it would go this way where everyone posts videos, story's and thoughts about Mr. Young. Keep 'em coming [thumbup]


Couple of things for your interest...


Smurfbird, like you say Time Fades Away is available for streaming & mp3 download, but thought you might like to know you can also get a copy of it on vinyl reissue now. I picked mine up in November and the sound is fantastic. I already had a used copy of the original 1973 vinyl, but was excited to see it being reissued. There is some good stuff on the 'Journey Through the Past' soundtrack too and while it was included as the original film format for Archives 1, it has sadly never been reissued on CD/ LP or even to stream or download.


E-minor7, yes, it's worth hearing Crazy Horse's solo output and 'I Don't want to Talk About It' in the original form is still the finest version of the song which many people haven't even heard. I thought Rod Stewart killed the song, as did the others who covered it, but Danny Whitten could have been one of the great songwriters had he lived. The first album is a classic. Crazy Moon from 1978 is also worth listening to as it has some excellent material, as does 'Loose' and 'At Crooked Lake'...


Neil did write some excellent songs in the 80's. I think it was more to do with instrumentation and presentation as to why it didn't always please many fans. This unreleased version of Sample and Hold below shows what a great tune it really was. One of my favourites in fact.


PS, Re; Landing on Water, I always liked Weight of the World, Pressure and Drifter, but must admit that 'Violent Side' is pretty awful!



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