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I'm loving http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/. It's like playing with a band. Here is me playing Rush's YYZ. Here is just my guitar. I used mostly my PRS. I used my MIM Strat for the part where Neil and Geddy trade solos. The guitar solo was done using my Les Paul. I ran everything through a Line 6 Vetta II, and added effects later using Cubase.


I tried to remain true to Alex's original recording (well, true enough in terms of my limited abilities). One minor thing. At the end of the first phrase of the guitar solo in the original version Alex ends on an E. In his live version he goes to an F#. I like that better because the next lick ends in an E, so we have some tension with the guitar in F# and the bass in B, and then release with the guitar going to E and the bass coming up to C. Nice Spanish Phrygian mode.


Criticisms welcome!

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