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First Guitar / Newbie question (Epiphone PR-4E)

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Hi all,


I was given a PR-4E as a Christmas present after displaying interest in learning how to play. I received few how to books, E lessons and will be going to lessons given at a local guitar center in the newyear. Enjoying the experience quite well for a 32 year old with no previous instrument experience, although my left hand is a little tender.


Its really bugging me that there is a 9 volt battery in the guitar with no on/off button. Am I wasting the battery leaving it in the guitar when not playing/not plugged into an amp? Or does the unit only draw power when an amp or set of headphones is plugged in? This is probably a silly question but it’s driving me nuts.


Appreciate any insight that can be given.




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Hi James. Wishing you enjoyment on the path of playing guitar. The only thing I will say about batteries is don't leave them in for too long (could be months but unlikely in your case) without playing. They can leak and wreck the terminals. I did that ages ago to some equipment - torches and stuff like that.


As an aside I picked up the amp at a garage sale. Neat little unit for what it is.

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