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what guitar is?

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this is my new recording, im spanish.

What guitar you think i am using?

1 Gibson j45

2 martin D18


4 Guild d25

only for fun!!



I honestly don't know what kind of guitar that is, Desolationrow.

If I had to guess, I would say it's the Guild.


But one thing I can hear for sure; you use a lot thicker strings than I do!


Nice job.


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That's a great job on the song! At the very end of the song the vocals seemed a little flat. I am also going to vote for the Guild even though I haven't played a D25 in 10 years. It could be the D-15 but I've never played one of those.

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Very hard to say as you play rather soft and the strings seem kind of new.

Might be a wild guess, but I pick the 45.

Must add I dig the track a lot. Lots of atmosphere and suspense, , , and of course the flamenco touch of the clapping hands.

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