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B-25 finish checking


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Good morning everyone. I took possession of a 1965 B-25 on Saturday. Waited 12 hours to open the box, then another 12 hrs. before opening the case (I am outside of Boston, temps in the 30s, 20s at night).


Upon opening, I discovered extensive finish checking to the back and sides only. Nothing on top.


So my question is: are different woods more or less susceptible to finish checking? I believe the top is spruce, back and sides mahogany.



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You've (kinda') hit the nail on the head, though the top may have been reinforced with an overspray job at some point. As well, the back and/or sides may have been re-coated. Also, the seller may have subjected it to the sudden climate change before shipping. It just took a little while to start checking.


Had you seen the finish before you received it? Was the checking not evident in the pre-sale photos? From where did it ship? Extreme north or south?

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To continue the interrogative - how are sound and playability? Any checking on the neck and/or headstock?


It came from Elderly Instruments in Michigan. No checking apparent on photos but I think it's sometimes hard to capture in a photo? I am going to check in with them.


No checking on neck or headstock. Sound is ok, playability very good.

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