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Yeah, it's easy to be knocked out by a Blackmore, Clapton, Hendrix, Page, etc. riff. But what about the not necessarily guitar heavy stuff that is still bad a$$? There's a lot of music that gives me goose bumps even without a lot of guitar. Thought it might be fun to post some.


For example early 70s Stevie Wonder makes my skin crawl. It's just so perfectly funky and tight... What are your non-guitar favorites?




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I could post just as many non guitary songs as I could with riffage.... So many..


For some reason this is what first came to mind though..


Love Stevie Wonder. Songs in the key of life and Innervisions are two of my favourite albums and I love a lot of the older Jazz/Soul singers too.. But I think Aretha has to be one of my faves. Just an amazing voice.


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