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Slide on a slope?


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Spent a fun couple of hours this evening listening to the man who brought you 5-4-3-2-1, and his long-standing sideman.


No video possible in our local venue, but they did do this song in much the same way. Dave Kelly's J50 was very much on display tonight, along with a Strat which has some sort of lever-bridge device fitted to switch tunings quickly.




Paul Jones can really still cut it vocally. No McCartney-Olympics moments tonight.

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Good post....!!


Paul Jones has been a force in British blues since the 60's....[thumbup]


Fronting Manfred Mann for a while and then doing his own thing as an actor, radio presenter and general blues aficionado....[thumbup]


He has been a positive influence on the live circuit and mentored many young artists and bands to this day.....[thumbup]





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