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When I joined the Gibson forum in Aug. '08, my first post was a question about the Gibson V-98 Gothic I had bought for $400.00. It had sharp fret ends everywhere and the guitar was just uncomfortable to play. That's probably why it was in "like new" condition. One of you good guys recommended a file from Stew Mac (Thank You). The V sat in it's case for the last 6 months until I finally ordered a fret end dressing file and masked the neck. I didn't mask the fretboard because the file is designed very nicely with a rounded/smooth edge to keep down against the board to avoid screwing that up. I've been filing a little and checking a lot, and the fret ends are smoothing out better than I expected. Nifty little file. Yesterday and today (about 1 1/2 hours total time spent) I finished most of the fret ends on the top side and every day this week before dinner I'll tackle the bottom a few at a time. I know you can see much, but here are some pics:




I noticed the body where the neck is set in is missing some paint. Anyone know a way to fix this? Touch up paint? Black Sharpie? =D> You can see it in this pic.



When I finish the frets, I'll set her up nicely and plug her in. I already lowered the 496/500 pickups a bit and they're starting to sing to me. Just need to dial them in when I can play her without sharp frets.

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