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Les Paul Negative.


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I was just playing with some photos and put this Custom into negative. I think it could work on a real guitar. White fretboard? Is there a white wood?


Maple would do it for me!

I have a pic of my cherry LPJ in neative and love it green with white fretboard. Oh and black trapez inlays and white headstock veneer are awesome.

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The guitar I have been lusting after all my life.

But I mean a white fretboard (ritchlite?) with black inlays and binding. Black Gibson and diamond on head. Black inlays, Black frets and hardware.

It could be called the Les Paul Negative.

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I like the idea but having it all one colour is like a Canadian Tuxedo...it's just not right.


+1; with the white binding it just doesn't have edge. Black binding and inlays would suit this so much better.

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