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I think the troll onslaught is over.


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Like I said already - y'all seem to be confusing me ( G u e s t ) with Guest, who AIN'T me.


I am pleased Bassho1e doesn't think I am a troll - though puzzled by his comment that "I guess sometimes we can forget what he post though.". Is that because the posts were unmemorable, or is it because he thinks I DID troll but is willing to forget.


All I am here for is to find out about guitars and amps and hang out with like minded people, not to wind people up. There did seem to be a lot of rubbish going down a while back, but I hope I played NO part in all that.


The Guest that follows us all is the anonymous and eponymous Guest - could be ANYBODY lurking.


I am G u e s t - however, I am seriously thinking of trying to persuade the divine administrators to allow me to change my name to hangsheadinshame or possible everso'umble or something equally obsequieous. Maybe Thesaurus.

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