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Hope that wasn't your guitar . . .

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Now you know why your new J-45 was delivered by FedEx in a plastic garbage bag.


I saw the clip on the evening news, and was thinking exactly the same thing:


"Here's your pristine 1943 J-45, slightly disassembled for shipping."

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Scary stuff. I was an OTR truck driver for just over 30 years and that is a nightmare scenario. Never had it happen, thank God, but those incidents are a distinct possibility. When you've been driving for hours you get into a kind of Twilight Zone thing .....sad but true, shouldn't happen, but it does. You just seem to stay in your lane and do all the right things without even thinking about it..... Tractor/trailer rigs are actually deceptively easy to drive. There were times I ran from Canada to Oklahoma City (back when we kept 3-4 different log books---before it was all computerized) without sleeping, because the nature of the job is that you don't get paid if the wheels are not turning. You might be driving and see a sign that reads "Thanks for visiting Chicago" and you don't even recall going through Chicago, but you did... Anyway, this driver was extremely lucky. Fortunately the truck cab got over the crossing and the trailer took the hit. No one hurt from what I've read and the truck driver is no longer constipated. This was apparently a R.R. Crossing problem, but truck drivers are human and can make mistakes.

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