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2012 Gibson LP STD S.N105520522

Guest kiwi

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Dear Gibson company:



First, I can not search infromation about my gibson les paul 2012 standard model,my LP STD series number is 1055205220, how to identify its pick up  model



Second, recentky, I wanna buy guitar which is gibson les paul 2016 classic gold top model , from internet.



Have gibson produce classic model  in 2016 ? Its begining series number is 16XXXXXXX, Is it true or fake ?



Would you reveal those doubts?


Pics I have sent mail to service@gibson.com but I still can not acquire any information.







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No Gibson serviceman here, just a forum member, but perhaps my comments may help you a bit.


Your LP STD 2012 serial number can be 105520522 as written in the topic title, but not 1055205220 as in the post. The latter has one digit too many.


Gibson LP Std 2012 - I have one of them, too - came with BurstBucker Pro Neck and BurstBucker Pro Bridge pickups stock. The BB Pro Neck pickup basically has BB 1 coils, the BB Pro Bridge BB 2 coils on principal. However, other than with the BB 1 & BB 2 pickups, the coils are wax-potted to minimize microphonics, the BB Pros have slightly stronger AlNiCo 5 magnets instead of AlNiCo 2, and the bridge version is reversed coil/reversed polarity and thus humbucking when used together with the neck pickup and both pickups' coils split.


There has been a LP Classic model in 2016. The serial number should be nine-digit starting 16 as you assumed.


I tried to post a link to the Gibson Talk2Us e-mail form here, but it isn't available at the moment... [unsure]

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Can someone help me with this

Guy is selling a 2012 LP Studio 70's tribute and it has the standard pickups, however these are not the correct pickups for that model year. I inquired and was told the previous owner swapped them out. I checked into this and found that he would have had to router out the pickup holes as they wouldn't fit the larger pickups. Other than this oddity I can't find any signs of the tell tale Chibson or Fibson LPs

Serial number is 119621355. It's silver burst


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