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RafVDM's DJ2Go for Deckadance 2.61 and up

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These are more elaborated setups for the Numark DJ2Go for Deckadance 2.

They don't always follow the layout of the DJ2Go, but do offer a wider range of functionalities.

If you prefer the controls to correspond to your DJ2Go's layout, you will need another script, i.e. TheMoroney DJ2Go.


The current versions are not thoroughly tested yet, I made some last minute changes and that always presents a risk.

But I consider them as usable, so feel free to try them out and pass me your remarks.


The attached .zip file contains the following scripts and documentation:


- configuration for External Mixer

- configuration for Internal Mixer

- configuration for Internal Mixer with basic functions only


I sometimes use a 4 deck configuration that I do not include for now.

The DJ2Go is made to control 2 decks, so controlling 4 decks is not evident and you are likely to fail from time to time during your performance.

But if you really like to try out the 4 deck configuration, you can let me know.

You will find scripts versioned 261.0 and 272.0

Version 261.0 is for the current DD version 2.61 and up.

For version 272.0 you will need at least the DD 2.72 beta.

The only difference for 272.0 is the ability to select Layout and Function Panel from the controller.


Below, you will find a list of special features in my DJ2Go setups.

You can influence the behaviour of the features marked with (*).

To see how to do this, refer to the PDF guide that you can find in the .zip file.


Special features of the RafVDM DJ2Go scripts:


Versions 261.0 and 272.0:


- Except for the Basic configuration, the Back button serves as shift key ... Hold the shift key while using a control to activate its secondary function

- Soft Takeover ... To avoid wild jumps, hardware sliders and knobs will change the software sliders and knobs only when they are near the same position (except for a few specific functions)

- Basic loop control

- Basic FX control

- DJ Assistance ... Automatic set/reset of Sync, Loop, Loop Size, FX, Automix, Master Deck, ... with certain events (*)

- Animations

- Blinking LEDs on Wake Up (*)

- Blinking LEDs on Stand By, that is after not touching controller for 20 minutes (*)

- Flashing LEDs when reaching end of track (*)

Wake Up and Stand By animations switch off when any control is used (Safest is to press the Back button (Shift key))

- Jog wheel can act as scratch wheel ... This function is disabled by default but can easily be enabled

Version 272.0:


- Automatic opening of specific Layout and Function Panel on start (*)

- Scrolling through Layouts and Function Panels, either ALL or only relevant ones (*)



The RafVDM scripts offer DJ Assistance.

With certain events, actions like setting/resetting Sync, Loop, Loop Size, FX, Automix, Master Deck, .... are automaticilly performed.

At end of track, the deck is automatically rewound.

If you don't like these automatic actions, you can deactivate most of them easily.

Be aware that DJ Assistance is related to the hardware controls only, not the software controls.

Detail of all functionalities and there mappings is available in the corresponding PDF files in the .zip file.


If you encounter any problems or errors, if you have questions or suggestions (i.e. for unused control), please let me know.

If you like or dislike my scripts, I would be happy if you let me know too.


I hope you will enjoy this extended way of playing with the DJ2Go,



RafVDM's DJ2Go for Deckadance 2.61 and up.zip

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