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Why is this site so slow?


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They have parallel servers around the globe - you may have caught your local region server in the middle of an update


I have been here since Dec7 2008 - and this Forum site has gone down for 4 hour stretches on a few occasions.


Also I noticed "sludge" slow updates yesterday here in California


At least its in English!


2 weeks ago the whole Gibson site was in Italian one day - then Korean the next.



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I would have responded sooner, but it took me 5 minutes to go from the main page, to robots, to this post, to post a reply.


Seriously, I cick on something and go make a sandwich. It's been this way since I joined. I'm a memeber on a Blues forum and Harley tech talk and a couple others and never had this problem.


Thanks for sharing your experiences. Knowing others don't have this problems means it's probably on my end. Maybe there is some software I dont' have updated.

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