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Small home project goes well?


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That's right, a small home project that goes better than expected.


A few months ago I added a TV to the spare room, I sleep there sometimes because we have a baby.


Anyway, there was no electric outlet on the only wall the TV could be placed and I had to use an unsightly extension cord. I decided to install an outlet on that wall, I already had experience doing this but had always been easier, installing an outlet very close to a switch light taht I could easily tap.


So, I start looking around trying to decide what was the best line to tap in order to get electricity to the outlet, I looked around, measured, I went in the attic and looked at all lines, measured, looked around some more.


I could not find or decide where to tap a line but I decided to go for the second part of the project, dropping cable inside the wall from the attic, cutting the wall and installing a box and outlets.


So I measure once again, located the wall and drilled to drop the wiring and then went downstairs and measured again and decide where to cut the drywall for the outlet box.


After locating the studs and deciding which side the outlet location would go I made a small cut with the drywall knife and hit something, damn! I thought already getting complicated? I make a triangular hole ad look inside with a flashlight.


To my surprise it is an outlet box!!! with live wires and all! it had been there all along and the builders installed sheet rock on top.


My cut in the drywall was spot on, right on the center of the box, I simply cut along the edges and installed the outlet, I did not even turn off the electricity, I was so happy that a home project actually went my way.


What are the chances of that?

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Well damn. I wish my projects went like that. [thumbup]


It is never that easy, with my usual luck on these matters I would have found asbestos.



Dear Penthouse...


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:




Ah, that reminds me of a guy that I used to know.

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