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New Hummingbird string buzz completed

Ed Pitts

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Part of the original post

I brought it home and have tried to play it several times. The sound is just not right. I have several other Gibsons and a few other guitars and this is this is the only one that shows this trait. I hate to think that I spent that much money for a pretty piece of wool then am forced to play a cheap Takamine to get a decent tone. (The other Hummingbird is at my son's house) and the electrics are a different animal.Has anyone else had a similar problem? Will Gibson do anything about it or have I just wasted my money?

So far the dealer has worked on it twice and tried different strings.


Baily Brothers have gone the extra mike to make me happy with the guitar'

I had the option of sending it back to Gibson, taking a refund, or exchanging the guitar. I decided ti just do the exchange

Baily Has been great thru the exchange

I selected another Gibson Hummingbird.

Throughout this whole thing Baily Brothers have done everything possible to make me happy.

You won't ever go wrong when you buy from them.


Thanks Clay and all the employees for being so patient with a old man.

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