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NGD: Hummingbird TV


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Yesterday I purchased a 2012 True Vintage Bird. I've been gassing for Hummingbird for a few weeks ever since playing one of the 2016 Vintage models in my local GC. I did the usual gas related scouring; Posted wtb Craigslist ads; guitar center website and calls to stores on the used options; and lots googling.


I was narrowing down the options, thinking I'd have to buy unseen from out of town. But yesterday on my way back from a long car trip, I thought I would call a local store (again) to see if anything had come in. This time I was was told "y'know I'm not sure, but I think we may have a TV model in the back somewhere still boxed up that we would be able to give you a great deal on because it is old stock--I'll check and call you back."

We hang up, I change my Waze setting, and I get the call back telling me "we have an unopened TV, but it's from 2012."



Nice cherry burst and a seemed about a pound lighter than the modern classic I was a/b'ing it with. I got my Bird.


**And if you are curious at all about how unplayed Gibson light gauge strings hold up for 5 years--not so well. It needed to be restrung.





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A great find, and local, as well. It just goes to show how it never hurts to ask; you never know what’s “in the back”.


It’s surprising how well the TV Hummingbirds have held their value; for a while, True Vintage J-45’s were able to be had for around $2k, and for a ‘Bird TV, anything upper 2’s would be the norm. NOS would be worth digging a bit deeper into the pocketses.


A nice story, your search-only-to-find-it-close-to-home; of course, without pics . . . ; ) (and get the case in the pic!)

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Congratulations - something deeply satisfying in finally bringing a Bird home.


And 12 should be recommendable.

Both my pretty different TV-HBs were born in the spring of that year. How about yours (you know it's hidden in the serial#).


Look forward to see pics and hear sounds Congs again



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Beautiful guitar (and case) just like we lOVE them.


A hovering little long beaked bird with a trusting butterfly in a yard of dripping flowers

10 white'n'black rings upon that warm glowing burst

16 just as white yet slightly turquoise shimmering geometric figures on a soil-like rosewood board

Then the sight of dream-cream-green tulip petals and something between a crown and a frog on top of it all


What more is there to want on a plain day in February, , , but some sounds and songs. .

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This is better than those stories of finding a 50 year old mint Gibby at a garage sale! You will absolutely LOVE it !

Having sat 'hermetically sealed on Funk & Wagnal's back porch" for 5 years - it will take a bit of time to awaken.

I found mine kept getting better for nearly 2 years. Not to say it didn't blow me away on day one - just kept getting better.

G'Luck !

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  • 9 months later...

I think this is an old post...


Anyways, I know that TV must be special. He also bought my Hummingbird Vintage, played both for a few weeks, and then released my Vintage.

Aha, , , interesting. So nid2007 had the choice between a burned top and the straight 2012 True Vintage.

Would like to hear the story behind that, , , and how the relationship to this one developed.



(yes, yours was excellent - glad we have it on film'n'tape)

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Absolutely no doubt that a TV can go square shoulder to shoulder with the toasted Vintage model. An amazing find- a 2012 new old stock TV model for nid. I was in the queue to get the n.o.s. bird behind the scenes if he'd decided to go with Sal's Vintage. If memory serves, the reason he ultimately went with the TV was the warranty, as he'd be the original owner.


Also- note to the members of the All Access Band- In checking nid's profile for recent activity/most recent post to see if he'd likely add anything to this thread(last activity 3 months ago, now), I got the dreaded pink banner across the top of the page telling me I didn't "have access to that page"; I was not signed in yet. Access denied.

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A great story and a great find. You just never know what you're going to stumble into. That is a really nice guitar and I hope it brings you much enjoyment! I have a 2014 Hummingbird NV which has the same specs as yours. It's light and loud and I love it.

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