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Help! Frankenstein Gibson/Epiphone Hummingbird

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Hey guys. I'm a regular on a couple of other guitar forums but its my first time posting here. I think I found a guitar that I'm really consider putting a modest offer on. The seller has the item listed as a Gibson hummingbird neck with an Epiphone humingbird body. Before you read on, It seems that there is a good possibility that its a fake but I may still be open to paying used Epiphone price for this guitar.


From the pictures, the neck actually looks more like a songwriter neck. The picture of the back of the headstock is too blurry to identify a SN. If there is no SN, I'll have to assume it's fake. Although the inlays look like real pearl (they seem more reflective than pearloid).


Next we get really strange. The body finish looks more like the current epiphone bodies but the sticker in the soundhole says gibson. Although the serial number on the sticker corresponds to an epiphone made in Quingdao. Has anyone ever seen an Epiphone body with a Gibson sticker or should we assume this is also fake? or possibly a real hummingbird body?


I'm considering making a pretty modest offer in spite of all its strange short-commings; a little more in the price range of a used epiphone hummingbird.









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Agree with above. You can find an Epiphone Hummingbird Artist for under 200. Might as well get that. I have one and it's a nice guitar. Stays in tune, sounds great, nice action.



Has it for 190.


Looks like a Chibson fake. I would pass on it. You never know how much trouble it will be in the long run... Generally people complain that the Chibsons have bridge nut/ action too high. Incorrect string spacing..... it goes on. More trouble than they are worth. And the guy is probably selling it because it doesn't play well.

Search for Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar on Aliexpress.com. Chibson Humminbirds are actually more expensive than the real Epiphone. I hate the fact that there are so many fakes out there.


IF there was no initial damage, I just don't see why someone would put a legit Gibson neck on a $200 Epiphone guitar, when there's nothing wrong with the Epi necks... doesn't make much sense.

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Another indicator that it could be a fake is that on the back of the neck there is a bump where the neck meets the headstock. That's not there on the original Gibson or Epiphone neck, but found on the Chibsons. In addition, the "Gibson" is incorrect and there should be a white edge along the truss rod cover.

Also the inlay around the hole doesn't appear correct.


You can go online and compare it to anything else out there, there's too much that screams fake to me.

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