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There should be a truss rod adjustment at the headstock. Remove the plastic cover that's behind the nut under the strings. You will need a metric Allen wrench to reach the truss rod nut.


I have four FT guitars: FT-135, FT-165, 6832, and a 6732. All required extensive repairs. My 6732 is at the shop right now being rebuilt.


All needed top braces re-glued & bridge re-gluing. Mine have screw-on necks and every neck block needed re-gluing as well. These guitars are a labor of love and usually cost more to repair than they are worth.


To all of mine I had the adjustable bridge removed, the saddle slot filled and re-slotted and a $160 Fishman Matrix Infinity pickup installed. They now sound great.


Here's the story on my FT-165 12 string:




I'd take your FT-132 to a good luthier have him inspect it and then decide if you want to invest in the repairs. These guitars are 45 years old and the wood has mellowed. Mine sound so nice and I'm glad I invested the money into them. Also, spend $125 and get a decent hard shell case for it. Your FT-132 is 000 sized.




Good luck!


It seems like you have some experience with these. Can you say to your knowledge whether any of those bolt-on neck Epiphone's had solid wood tops? The Epiphone wiki seems to imply that various ones did.

Some of the guitars it flat out says solid woods.


Here's the page for the 6700/6800 series guitars: http://epiphonewiki.com/index.php/1970-71_Model_Series#Model_6834_12-String


And here's the page for the FT series guitars. http://epiphonewiki.com/index.php/FT-Series


Taking the FT-155 for example, it says "Solid spruce top".

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