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This months Guitar World.


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let me guess... #2 was kurt cobain and the guy from slipknot was around #10... mark tremonti around #8 and no brian may' date=' gary moore, robbert fripp or frank zappa.[/quote']

Well no no no and one yes Robbert fripp was in there it was a pretty good list though im sorta confindent in it i mean they got the real satian in here from the death metal band morbid angel (classic band).

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Guitar World is waaay boring.


Since I was 13, I'm 32 now, they always publish the same tabs for the same songs, nothing can surprise me from them, there are much more music to learn than blues, metal, hard rock or folk.


I can't count the times I've seen all Van halen songs, all Led Zep, songs, Black sabath, pantera, etc etc. I already learn those songs years ago. I enjoy them, I'm a fan of those bands, but please, always chicken for dinner ? give us a break.


They are a magazine that don't take risks too much.

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