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as yall know i recenttly got a new fender guitar. on the headstock it says the guitar was made in 2007 but at the guitar dealler the guy said the guitar was made in 2008 and that was the year the neck was crafted on the serial number. can some please help me and tell me what year my guitar was made. my serial number is z7229761. thanks guys.

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Z means zero. 7 means 7.


The neck was made in '07.


The problem with Fender, is if they screwed it on a guitar yesterday, they want to call it an '09.


If you want to unscrew the neck and take it off your new guitar, which I sure as hell wouldn't, there is another date.


It means something. Like when they screwed in onto the body, which has another date.


You figure it out.



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I have a P-Bass that I am confident is all original except for the pickguard. It had an aftermarket black one that looked like crap and was all warped so I replaced it with a NOS w/b/w Fender one. Other than that, I'm sure it's factory, right down to the solder joints.


It has an S9 serial number on the headstock, signifying 1979. The pots are dated 1981. The heel of the neck is dated Jan 83 and the color is pewter which I believe came out in the fall of '82. It did NOT come with the chrome pickup and bridge covers, no screw holes or evidence.


My guess is they did an inventory and made the call to use up some old parts. Maybe they found a box of headstock decals, who knows?


I call it an '83. Truth is known only to God and the CBS crew in Fullerton and neither is talking.

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