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Scs3 update.

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Well, I have started programming for the scs3. I am starting with the mixer unit. The script I will be uploading in the morning is fully functional except for midi feedback (that seems to be causing issues on this device, any help is much appreciated.). The feedback on the buttons works but that's it. The script will not require the use of darouter so that is a improvement. When I get around to writing the scripts for this scs3 d units, I will upload 2 versions, one for A and C decks and one for B and D decks.

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Well here is the script for the SCS3M. Midi feedback on all the buttons is functional (the master button is programmed to do nothing.) Midi feedback on the faders is not functional per say, yes if you touch them, in some places lights come on next to them, but not the correct lights and not in any proportion to anything. The VU meter also doesn't function (not programmed) and the pitch faders are also behaving a bit odd (cant quite figure it out, programmed in pitch resets into the fx settings as a temporary work around). Any help in improving this script is welcome as I would love to see fully function Midi out functionallity. As stated, the script functions, but feedback is a bit odd as far as behavior.


edit on 2/20/2017 at 8:59 eastern standard time.


Unfortunately for now at least, on further inspection it looks like I am going to need to be including the use of DaRouter. This will mean that there will be multiple different scripts to try and take care of each of the multiple different configurations. Once I map out the SCS 3D for basic A and B functionality I am hoping to be able to translate that over into the other decks. But we shall see. For now, enjoy the SCS 3M script below.

Install instructions are as follows.


1. Download Script from link on this page

2. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Stanton\Deckadance 2\script_files\Stanton\ in file explorer.

3. Open your downloads folder in a new file explorer window.

4. Copy the file in the zip file from downloads folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\Stanton\Deckadance 2\script_files\Stanton\.

5. Plug controller in to computer.

6. Open Deckadance.

7. Open Deckadance settings.

8. Select Midi Control.

9. For control surface select SCS3 M.

10. select appropriate inputs and out puts

11. Done

SCS3 M.zip

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