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Sagging high-E string?


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It seems as if my high E string is losing altitude. When I look at the strings across the sound hole the High E is lower than the others by about 1/8 an inch. And it's giving me a buzz sound that is especially noticeable when I plug it in.


Is this a saddle issue? A nut issue?


Anyone else ever have this happen?


My guitar is a 2015 J-15 bought new from Music Villa in Bozeman. Would this be covered under warranty?

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...... When I look at the strings across the sound hole the High E is lower than the others by about 1/8 an inch. .....


Sounds a little extreme.


Without seeing it, sounds like the saddle. Maybe the string dug into the saddle.


If you're not sure, I would take it back to the dealer. Good people, 5-Star dealer, plenty of qualified tech's, should be an easy fix.


Good Luck




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Unless you're 100% sure what the cause is - you might 'fix' something else that isn't broken. It sure sounds complicated.

I'd second DaveF's suggestion - Get it back to Music Villa under warranty.

5Star Dealers see things like this all the time and can find them and fix them fast.

Maybe even while you wait. G'Luck


Thanks for the advice, I'm trying to figure out how to get it back to Music Villa (150 miles away). They have been over the top good at everything else whenever I visit their store. It's an awesome place! And thanks too for the advice, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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What's a jack pin? You mean where I plug it in?


Yes. Untorque the end, remove it, put your hand inside the body and remove the insidepart of the jack, check if there's 2 washers (there probably is).

Remove one of the washers, put the jack back.

Sometimes the buzz is caused by one of the washers, it sounds like a string buzz but is not.

Not sure though that your problem comes from this, in my case it worked (i removed the flat washer, the other one has dents).




Geting a guitar back... well, with Music Villa there's no problem i guess, but need to make sure people know their job. In my case the shop wanted to touch the tuss rod, action and so on... Glad he didnt.

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