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NGD 20 CM Black


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I decided that this would be a good week to invest in my favorite guitar maker, Gibson, by picking up a pair of guitars from the 2016 limited runs. My first guitar received was a Flying V in the faded trans amber finish. Nice looking guitar but bad grounding issue. The guitar I received today is a Gibson SG CM Black. This is my dream metal guitar (to go along with my 1986 Flying V with a Kahler on it). The guitar is almost everything I hoped it would be except the locking nut for the Floyd Rose system is offset by a couple of millimeters. This causes the strings to be at a slight angle with the high e string close to the side of the neck. Since this is supposed to be a metal guitar, this causes problems when soloing such as sliding off the side of the neck. It also looks like crap and it is very uncomfortable when doing open chords.


Two brand new Gibsons this week and two strike outs. I have no clue how they are letting these new guitars out the door with issues like grounding and misaligned nuts (especially on a locking Floyd Rose). Maybe I just need to buy used guitars or just quit buying guitars. I have always been a huge Gibson fan but this week is really taking the wind out of those sails. I am sure that Gibson will attempt to fix these and they should but they should have never left their factory in this condition. I will get pictures online later. . . [confused]

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