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Help dating Explorer case

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Looking to get an idea of the age of this case. I obtained it as part of a Craigslist deal. I'm looking to sell it and don't want to mislead a buyer with incorrect info. Also, any suggestions on a fair selling price would be appreciated. I've never sold a stand alone case before. Thanks!









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It looks like an early 1980's Gibson Explorer case to me. I have a 1982 Gibson Explorer E2 CMT with its original case which is very similar in overall design except the one I have has black "tolex" on the exterior and red plush on the interior. The latches are identical to mine, 2 spring-loaded latches on the ends and a traditional hasp in the middle. The interior design is nearly identical to mine including the accessories compartment with the little black tab used as a handle to open the compartment. I can't see it in you pictures, but mine also has a Velcro strap on the interior that secures the top of the neck to the last neck support just before the headstock area which runs diagonally from the left-front corner of the accessories compartment exterior to the vertical side of the last neck support across the neck of the guitar.


Hope this helps!

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