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'Hi!' & questions re. Gibson Chet Atkins CE

CJ the DJ

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Had an account on the forums for a while (after looking for help IDing a Gibson Invader) and I just acquired a Chet Atkins CE (which I'm psyched about).


I got it for a really good price because a) it's very banged up and B) it looks like a Sharpie pen exploded over part of the top and side. I've decided to refinish this thing - I know it could be considered sacrilege but, given the damage, it's worth a shot to try and get it in better condition. I'm not concerned with the value, more with the experience and the satisfaction of improving it.


Can anybody tell me anything about the inlay surrounding the guitar hole? I want to know if it's a genuine inlay or a decal of some sort before I go hitting this thing with CitrStrip.


Also, how does one safely remove the black plastic sound hole cover?

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