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I've had the M1 in three guitars. Those three are gone now, but not a thing wrong with the M1. Good and strong sound. I've got the Lyric in two of my Gibsons at the moment. Really like it. More of a mellow and subtle tone to it. Got the Baggs Anthem in my J100. It's fine, but I prefer the three tested in this video over it. The Lyric is not as "in your face" as the M1 or Elemental and is a very easy install and much more simple to use than the Anthem. Got the elemental in three other Gibsons. Sounds good to me. Of the three tested, I don't hear much that the average guy/gal sitting in the audience would ever notice or even care about. Those folks couldn't care less about what we're using.


One thing that bugs me, just looking at it, is that this dude needs to straighten-out the M1 so it fits the symmetry of the guitar. Looks stupid the way it is. The M1 looks just fine, providing ones used his/her brain. Also, the guy needs to stick with his natural hair color.

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